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  • The Digital ADvantage - While the creation and distribution of digital advertising files has long been seen as a key production issue, the process is also proving to be a significant strategic weapon for magazine publishers.
    Publisher: Folio Author: Folio

  • The FTC Drafts New Guidelines - Learn the basics of the FTCs recently published paper discussing how existing consumer protection rules apply to online sales and advertising.
    Publisher: Author: Linda A. Goldstein

  • The Golden Rules For The CPM Model - The truth is that there is nothing wrong with CPM as a payment metric -- the problem is with execution.
    Publisher: Author: James L. Marciano

  • The Importance of Electronic Rights Revisited - The U.S. Supreme Court's ruling that newspaper and magazine publishers are not necessarily entitled to reprint freelancers' articles in online databases and on CD-ROMs is an important decision with tremendous ramifications for the Internet.
    Publisher: Author: Michael Landau

  • The New Power Of Advertising - Rather than making advertising in the traditional media weaker, the net has made it stronger. Thats why all guerrillas must be aware of the new power of advertising.
    Publisher: Guerrilla Marketing Online Author: Jay Conrad Levinson

  • The Outernet Is Coming - Just when the space for billboards seemed to be exhausted, small-screen technology has opened up a whole new vista of marketing terrain. Got a car? You can be pitched at the pump. Hold season tickets to your favorite sports team? Get ready for seatback commercials.
    Publisher: Business 2.0 Author: Joanne Helperin

  • Tips for Offline Advertisers Moving Online - Offline advertisers will help the Internet reach its full potential as an advertising medium. Here's some advice for traditional advertisers moving into the online space.
    Publisher: Author: Lex Sisney

  • What REALLY Affects Response Rates - There is a major dilemma facing online advertising right now because there is no consensus, and no policy dictating the metrics of online advertising.
    Publisher: Author: Michael Aaron

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