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  • Is Advertising a Four-letter Word? - Panelists at Upside magazine's Digital Living Room conference concluded that advertising isn't dying, but being fundamentally altered forever.
    Publisher: Digitrends.net     Author: Joyce A. Schwarz   

  • More Than a Game - TV advertising is tired. Internet banners have stopped clicking. What's next? Play the "advergame." America's addiction to video games is leading the way to a brand-new advertising platform with astounding click-through rates, play times, and peer-to-peer potential.
    Publisher: Fast Company     Author: Anni Layne Rodgers   

  • Networking with Lou Gehrig - Technology companies are using famous, historic figures to promote their products. But keeping the ads tactful can be a challenge.
    Publisher: Business 2.0     Author: David Lawlor   

  • New Media Models for Content to Prevail - A Forrester research study unveiled at eMediatainment World gives teeth to the concept of “divergence” rather than “convergence”.
    Publisher: Digitrends.net     Author: Joyce A. Schwarz   

  • Paper Consolidation: Pricing, Promises, Opportunity - As paper manufacturers undergo a series of mergers and acquisitions, publishers are considering the possibility of a future with higher, but more stable, prices.
    Publisher: Folio     Author: Rolf Maurer   

  • Read It and Sweep - Are Internet ratings services heralding an Internet version of television's Sweeps Weeks? Let's hope not.
    Publisher: Business 2.0     Author: Tim Goodman   

  • Roundtable: Managing Your Most Valuable Resource -- Your Staff - More than other industries, the magazine industry is defined by its people. Six executives share their strategies for attracting, retaining and managing staff in an increasingly competitive environment.
    Publisher: Folio     Author: Tony Silber (moderator)   

  • Running Focus Groups in Asia - A managerial guide to running focus groups, advantages and diadvantages as a data collection method, and cultural differences.
    Publisher: Orient Pacific Century     Author: Rod Davies   

  • Stop this portal nonsense! - Let's retire the notion of Internet "portal." Put "portal" onto the junk heap of brain-dead buzzwords, along with "push." Remember that one?
    Publisher: CNET     Author: Tim Clark   

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