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  • But What Have You Done for Them Lately? - Companies are combating brain drain by instituting formal career development programs that also drive productivity and profitability.
    Publisher: Author: Carol Orsag Madigan

  • Cisco's Quick Study - Tom Kelly is using the Web to reinvent training inside the world's most Internet-centric big company. Here's what he's learned about e-learning -- and how it's changing the style and the substance of training at Cisco Systems.
    Publisher: Fast Company Author: Anna Muoio

  • Coach Others to Success - Using a coach is the latest way for people to get ahead in today's crazy business world. Consider the impact you can have by offering to coach your partners, employees and clients. Here's how you can be a coach to the people around you and help them to achieve their goals faster and easier.
    Publisher: Author: Gary Lockwood

  • Coach, Mentor: Is there a difference? - Is there a difference between a mentor, coach, and supervisor? These differences are summarized.
    Publisher: Center for Coaching & Mentoring, Inc. Author: Matt Starcevich

  • Coaching for results - Athletes and actors have known for years about the value of coaching in improving performance. Now more and more individuals are turning to coaches to help guide them through the increasing complications of day-to-day life and business.
    Publisher: Author: Paul King and John Eaton

  • Conducting Effective Employee Orientations - Employee Orientations are the launching pad to arouse the interest, involvement and work motivation of new employees through the sharing of values and organizational information. This article offers a step-by-step guideline on how to go about it
    Publisher: CHIC Hospitality Consulting Services ( Author: Claire Belilos

  • Creativity for Success - Creativity and innovation are important keys to success in todays rapidly changing world. Process improvement, problem solving, recruiting, retaining and motivating employees, decision making, dealing with limited resources, satisfying customers, and rapidly changing technology are all examples of business realities that require creative solutions. This article gives tips on how to be more creative and innovative.
    Publisher: AchieveMax, Inc. Author: Kathleen J. Wheelihan

  • Critical Importance of People Management - Many organizations profess to consider their employees their most important asset but all too often their policies, procedures and managerial practices contradict that view, thereby hurting their profitability.
    Publisher: Author: Gordon L. Simpson

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