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  • Adventure Therapy Program at Decision Point Center: provides a fresh awareness to help navigate the uncharted territory of early recovery/sobriety.

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  • Gone, but Not Forgotten - No company likes to dismiss its talented employees because of a rotten economy. But there's a way to keep people working with you even after they stop working for you. Here is a five-point program on how to build a successful alumni network for your company.
    Publisher: Fast Company     Author: Christine Canabou   

  • Hire Great People Fast - It's the toughest - and most important - challenge in business today. Lessons from Netscape, Cisco, and Yahoo on how to find the right people and get them up to speed - fast.
    Publisher: Fast Company     Author: Bill Birchard   

  • Hire Today, Gone Tomorrow? - Tough question: How can you hold onto your best people? Honest answer: You probably can't. The real goal is to keep great people working with you, even after they've stopped working for you.
    Publisher: Fast Company     Author: Scott Kirsner   

  • Hire—and Keep—Good People - To find and hire good people with current skills look in the right places and understand what you need.
    Publisher: Score.org     Author: Kate Perrin   

  • Hiring and Keeping Employees - Employees are a firm's major resource. Hiring the right people - and training them well -- can often mean the difference between scratching out the barest of livelihoods and steady business growth.
    Publisher: Power HomeBiz Guides     Author: Ramon Ray   

  • Hiring Employees - Some basic information concerning the importance of planning and knowing what kind of employee you need before beginning the recruitment process.
    Publisher: All-biz.com     Author: HRnext.com Editorial Team   

  • Hiring Help: Study Reveals Resume Misreprensentation - Since 1997, ADP Screening and Selection Services has released an annual Hiring Index, which evaluates hiring trends and issues that employers need to be aware...
    Publisher: AHI's Hiring & Retention Alert     Author: Alexander Hamilton Institute   

  • Hiring Stress Questions - With references from previous employers harder and harder to obtain, you need to probe any fired or laid off situation as carefully as possible.
    Publisher: BusinessTown.com     Author: BusinessTown.com   

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