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  • Say Goodbye to the Annual Performance Review - For varied reasons, the process doesn't turn out well. Again and again, we see supervisors procrastinate or just go through the motions, with little taken to heart.
    Publisher: Author: Tom Coens and Mary Jenkins

  • Struggling Performers: Cut 'em Some Slack...Or Cut 'em Loose? - English theater veteran Henry Goodman had only about a month under his belt when the producers of "The Producers" gave him the hook and replaced him with an understudy. Ex-baseball star Phil Garner was only six games into his 2002 coaching year for the Detroit Tigers before he was benched. Seems pretty harsh, doesn't it? Or does it? Just how long should employers...
    Publisher: AHI's HR Soapbox E-Mail Newsletter Author: Alexander Hamilton Institute

  • The Action Dimension-- Which employee is truly effective? - Have you noticed that there is a difference in people's ability to get things done? Two people with the same background, education and training can be very different when it comes to taking action and following through. Researchers at the University of Akron call it the action dimension.
    Publisher: Author: Sue Campbell

  • The Power of Performance Profiling - This article outlines the components of a performance profile, identifies the powerful benefits of having them developed for all positions within the organization, and reviews the steps involved in developing an actual performance profile.
    Publisher: Graziadio Business Report Author: Charles D. Kerns

  • The use of informal rewards in recognizing performance - The value of informal rewards, that is, spontaneous, non-monetary forms of recognition, as employee motivators is increasing today for two reasons. A brief explanation.
    Publisher: Performance Management Homepage Author: Bob Nelson

  • The Weakest Links - More companies regularly fire the lowest-performing employees. How low is low?
    Publisher: Business 2.0 Author: Kim Cross

  • What's Wrong With Reviews? - A layoff is pending, and you need to decide on whom to let go. You review employees' performance evaluations, thinking this is one of the most objective ways to make your decision. But...
    Publisher: Managers Legal Bulletin Author: Alexander Hamilton Institute

  • Why Competencies - A competency is defined as a behavior or set of behaviors that describes excellent performance in a particular work context (e.g., job, role or group of jobs, function, or whole organization).
    Publisher: The Schoonover Group Author: The Schoonover Group

  • Why Ratings Based Appraisals Fail - Rating systems are so popular that computer programs have been developed to undertake the evaluations. The question is whether they "work".
    Publisher: Bacal & Associates Author: Robert Bacal

  • Why You Should Think Twice About 360 Performance Appraisal - Many organizations that go out shopping for performance appraisals, 360 or other versions, have already taken a step in the wrong direction. They typically have forgotten to diagnose their real needs.
    Publisher: Author: Robert H. Kent

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