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  • How to Improve the Effectiveness of Performance Management and Appraisal by Overcoming the Root Cause of the Problem - This article explores why existing formal and informal approaches to employee performance management and appraisal (EPMA) tend to work well enough in theory, but fail to meet expectations in practice. The root cause of the problem is identified and a solution for how it can be eliminated, or at least minimized is outlined. Various suggestions for how the solution can be applied to meet differing individual or corporate needs are also outlined.
    Publisher: Performance Feeedback.com     Author: Julie Freeman   

  • Human Performance: Stemming the tide - Companies everywhere are struggling to hold on to their most valuable employees. But the war for talent can be won—with new programs that combine competitive compensation with better communication, a wide range of personal growth opportunities and a clearer articulation of standards and expectations.
    Publisher: Accenture     Author: Tony Clancy and Arnaud André   

  • Mission critical - The challenge of improving job performance becomes even greater in tough economic times. The solution: an approach to performance improvement that focuses on those workforces vital to business success and financial results.
    Publisher: Accenture     Author: Dorothy V. VonDette and Patrick Mosher   

  • Performance Appraisal -- An Important Managerial Responsiblity - Performance appraisal should be viewed as a beneficial process within the context of an effective system of personnel management. Managers should review the performance of all employees and discuss performance with their subordinates on a regular basis.
    Publisher: ManagerWise.com     Author: Gordon L. Simpson   

  • Performance Appraisals Don't Work - Many managers intensely dislike doing performance appraisals. Given the expectations of the traditional process, who can blame them?
    Publisher: About.com     Author: Susan M. Heathfield   

  • Performance Development Process Checklist - Performance appraisals, performance reviews, appraisal forms, whatever you want to call them, let's call them gone! As a stand-alone, annual assault, they are universally disliked and avoided. Use this tool to create a process that nurtures employee development instead.
    Publisher: About.com     Author: Susan M. Heathfield   

  • Performance Management for Presidents - A Performance Management System is a President's principal tool for leading and directing the business and for implementing organizational change.
    Publisher: ManagerWise.com     Author: Robert H. Kent   

  • Performance Management is NOT an Annual Appraisal - Performance appraisals are a hot topic in HR these days. In fact, hundreds of resources exist to tell you how to do performance reviews. I think this is the wrong approach. Should you do reviews at all? If so, what is the larger systems issue? Find out!
    Publisher: About.com, Inc.     Author: Susan M. Heathfield   

  • Rewards and Performance Incentives - Summary of principles of creating effective rewards with ideas for alternatives to financial rewards. Written for the lay person.
    Publisher: Zigon Performance Group     Author: Jack Zigon   

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