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  • 7 Stupid Things Employees Do To Screw Up Performance Appraisals - Generally, when performance appraisal goes awry, the primary cause has little to do with employees. For the most part, employees take their cues from management and human resources. However, when individual employees perceive the process in negative ways, they can create or damage even the best of appraisal processes.
    Publisher: Bacal & Associates Author: Robert Bacal

  • Alternative Performance Reviews - The best performance reviews let managers and employees communicate -- share ideas, opinions, and information. Unfortunately, most traditional reviews put managers into the position of uncomfortable judges...
    Publisher: Author: David Zatz

  • Benchmarking the Best - Have you ever wondered just how much Motorola, Corning, or Intel spends on employee training? Or to what extent Texas Instruments, AT&T, or Caterpillar uses learning technologies to deliver courses?
    Publisher: American Society for Training & Development Author: Laurie J. Bassi and Scott Cheney

  • How To Do An Employee Appraisal - As a manager, an important part of your job is motivating and encouraging your employees to be productive contributors. Employee appraisals are a powerful tool toward this end.
    Publisher: Employee Appraiser Software Author: Employee Appraiser Software

  • Performance Appraisals - To accomplish effective performance reviews and appraisals that respect employee dignity, managers must cultivate a wide range of competencies.
    Publisher: Author: Donna Mitchell and Esther Green

  • Performance Appraisals - Most companies have some form of performance appraisal policies for their employees, both hourly and salaried.
    Publisher: CR & Associates Author: CR & Associates

  • An Overview of Managerial Psychometry - Psychometric tests can prove themselves very valuable tools for recruiting, developing and retaining employees. With the number of online tests proliferating, how can you distinguish useful measurements from all the silly surveys?
    Publisher: Author: Danny Cass

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