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  • Finance’s E-Value Proposition - Thanks to technology, finance departments can automate just about any of their processes so they have more time to pursue lofty activities such as planning and forecasting. But when those “solutions” result in a mess, you can wind up on the cleanup crew.
    Publisher: Businessfinancemag.com     Author: Tad Leahy   

  • Getting Value from IT: The Human Connection - Many organisations are failing to achieve the benefits they expected from their investment in IT. The overwhelming evidence is that lack of attention to human and organisational factors (HOF) is at the heart of this problem.
    Publisher: Skyrme.com     Author: David Skyrme   

  • Human Resources Issues in the Age of the Internet - Without question, e-commerce has touched upon all aspects of business operations. Even the human resources department has to address internet-related issues.
    Publisher: eMarketer.com     Author: Steve Butler   

  • IDL Options Broaden for Training Providers - Technology cost decreases, travel cost increases, and collaborative approaches are putting interactive distance learning options within reach for more technical training providers.
    Publisher: American Society for Training and Development     Author: Tom Barron   

  • If It Ain't Broke, Tweak It - Managing an HR system in-house is a wise choice for many companies. But often internal systems leave room for improvement, so organizations look outside for add-on applications or look inside to revisit their HR-software needs.
    Publisher: Businessfinancemag.com     Author: Samuel Greengard   

  • Increase Your Human Capital ROI with an Alumni Network - This article presents several compelling reasons for keeping in contact with former staff, and introduces an increasingly popular corporate strategy for fostering and leveraging these relationships.
    Publisher: Human Resources at Suite101.com     Author: Christina Morfeld   

  • Information Technology Status in the Human Resources Function - As the Human Resource (HR) function expands its role as a strategic business partner, organizations are increasing their use of information technology (IT) to manage and deliver HR services.
    Publisher: The Hunter Group     Author: The Hunter Group   

  • Integrating People and Technology for Supply-Chain Advantage - IT alone is almost never a source of a sustainable competitive advantage. Rather, it is through the use of IT in support of business strategies focussed on people, that an organization can gain a significant, and potentially sustainable, competitive advantage.
    Publisher: ASCET.com     Author: Marvin L. Manheim   

  • Power to the People: Best-of-Breed Employee Role Automation Software - Employee role automation (ERA) software strengthens productivity by freeing up employees’ time and letting managers manage, sales reps sell and customer-care specialists care for their customers. But empowering employees through this type of automation isn’t easy.
    Publisher: Businessfinancemag.com     Author: Stewart McKie   

  • Power Training via the Web - The Web can cut training costs in half while saving travel time and boosting productivity. But Web-based learning can also present technical obstacles. Here are the facts.
    Publisher: Businessfinancemag.com     Author: Samuel Greengard   

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