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  • Dealing with Disgruntled Workers - Who needs a disgruntled employee on staff whose complaints can only lower morale? Certainly not your company. But if your first inclination is to discipline...
    Publisher: Personnel Legal Alert Author: Alexander Hamilton Institute

  • Defining Disability Under the ADA - A recent Supreme Court decision helps clarify what constitutes a disability under the Americans with Disabilities Act. bumgardner explains the decision and alerts employers to issues about which they must be concerned.
    Publisher: Graziadio Business Report Author: Larry Bumgardner

  • Do Unions Have a Place in the High-Tech Market? - Employees at some high-tech companies have tried to unionize, but the allure of unions may not be the same for high-tech companies as it is for the "old economy".
    Publisher: Author: Douglas M. Towns

  • Domestic Violence Is a Workplace Problem - This article provides tips for dealing with an employee that you suspect is involved in an abusive relationship, strategies for creating a supportive work environment, and resources for victims, managers, and co-workers.
    Publisher: Human Resources at Author: Christina Morfeld

  • Downsizing with Dignity: Management principles gleaned during a plant closure - Describes a situation in which the author was part of a management team that had to decide whether to close a plant and how to deal with layoffs. Develops principles on dealing with employees that emphasizes "doing with" rather than "doing for" them in order to help them leave with dignity and with the best possible options for them.
    Publisher: Graziadio Business Report Author: Ann E. Feyerherm

  • Employment Arbitration Agreements: Making Them Stick - What can we do to be sure that we don't end up in court with the employees with whom we have arbitration agreements? The key to success: arbitration agreements must be carefully drawn and fair to the employees.
    Publisher: Author: Ransom & Benjamin LLC

  • Exit Interviews Can Enhance Your Marketing Program - Colin Ong will share with readers about how it is important to get as much feedback as possible even though this may be difficult when conducting an exit interview. Thus the manager must do some ground-work before conducting the exit interview.
    Publisher: Job Science Portal Author: Colin Ong TS

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