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  • Free Agents in the Olde World - The future of work in Free Agent Nation may look strangely like the past, says MIT's Thomas Malone. Prithee: Art thou ready to join a guild?
    Publisher: Fast Company Author: Jill Rosenfeld

  • Frustration of the Employment Contract - Employers face a difficult situation when they consider terminating an employee who has been absent for a long period due to illness or injury.
    Publisher: Benefits World Author: Michelle Ryan

  • Getting Around Barriers to Non-Compete Pacts - Courts ask if there is inevitable disclosure of trade secrets when employees move to competitors.
    Publisher: Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati Author: James A. DiBoise and David J. Berger

  • H-1B Changes Employers Should Know About - To be eligible for H-1B status, applicants must meet a list of criteria including the need to possess a relevant academic degree or equivalent professional experience.
    Publisher: Author: Connie Liu

  • Human Relations Outsourcing - This is an executive presentation on the DO's and DO NOT'S of human resources outsourcing.
    Publisher: Induction To... Author: BinaryNine Ltd

  • Is the Reprice Right? - Many companies are repricing underwater stock options in an effort to retain talent. Here are the pros and cons.
    Publisher: Author: Joanne Sammer

  • Is Your IT System VESTed? - Although companies invest billions of dollars in IT systems, many do not achieve business expectations because of unrealized business value.
    Publisher: Strategic Finance Author: Winford (Dutch) Holland and Gary Skarke

  • Know the Rules Before You Hire an Independant Contractor - A number of laws govern whether a worker is an independent contractor or an employee. Confusion of these rules can lead to high fines and taxes. This articles helps clarifies these rules for employers.
    Publisher: Innovative Employee Solutions Author: Elizabeth M. Rice

  • Management Employment Contract - In this highly competitive world, there are times when an employment contract is one of the few ways to entice an individual into coming with a company.
    Publisher: Author: Ethan A. Winning

  • Microsoft Decision Shows Risk of Using Independent Contractors - In recent years, companies have sought to avoid providing benefits and the consequences of the numerous employment statutes by treating workers as independent contractors or by leasing workers from other companies.
    Publisher: Franklin & Gringer Author: Franklin & Gringer

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