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  • Employment contracts - All employers and employees have employment contracts with each other. This is the case even if there is nothing in writing.
    Publisher: Industrial Relations Info-Net Author: Industrial Relations Info-Net

  • 1706 - The Little Law That Shadows Your Career - It's just a little law, but it casts a giant shadow over the fortunes of IT contractors and agencies. The battle has raged for 13 years, but now sentiment may be shifting.
    Publisher: Author: S.C. Biemesderfer

  • A Non-Compete Clause of a Different Color - The job-hopping employee is a California fixture, especially in Silicon Valley. And we all know that California -- ever interested in preserving job mobility -- doesn't allow non-compete agreements to bind ex-employees, right? Guess again.
    Publisher: Fish & Richardson P.C. Author: Fish & Richardson P.C.

  • Advantages and Disadvantages of an NDA - Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) are versatile and necessary tools in the arsenal of anyone, inventor or corporation, who handles intellectual property. A NDAs is a contract whereby the signer agrees not to disclose certain information, except under terms as described in the contract.
    Publisher: Patent Cafe Magazine Author: N. Paul Friederichs

  • Contract Language Made (Sort of) Easy - You sign a contract with every new assignment. What does all that fine print mean? Here are the clauses you must understand in order to remain independent and work through an agency.
    Publisher: Author: Joseph B. Darby III

  • Contractor Scenarios for 2005 - The typical electrical contractor has remained small and technologically unsophisticated for decades. As a result, many distributors conclude that trends such as contractor consolidation and e-commerce will not affect their business.
    Publisher: Pembroke Consulting Author: Maria L. Dziembowski and Michael J. Skinner

  • Declaring a Truce By Other Means - Wherever the employer is based, certain basic principles govern the writing of covenants-not-to-compete
    Publisher: McGuire, Woods, Battle & Boothe LLP Author: John J. Michels, Jr.

  • Do You Need a Moonlighting Policy? - For legal reasons, HR is generally loath to delve into any off-duty activities, including second jobs. Its not HRs business. Or is it?
    Publisher: HR Magazine Author: Carolyn Hirschman

  • Don't Let Your Waivers Work Against You - Waivers that are designed to prevent employees from suing your company can be very tricky. If you dont wield them correctly, they could mean the difference between costing your company and coming out on top in court.
    Publisher: Personnel Legal Alert Author: Alexander Hamilton Institute

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