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  • Adventure Therapy Program at Decision Point Center: provides a fresh awareness to help navigate the uncharted territory of early recovery/sobriety.

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  • Final Regs Iron Out FMLA / Cafeteria Plan Wrinkles - Dust off your cafeteria plan documents. Knowing when your cafeteria plan year begins, as well as closely monitoring employees' flexible spending accounts, are part...
    Publisher: Payroll Legal Alert     Author: Alexander Hamilton Institute   

  • Fuzzy Math: Don't Double Count Bonuses For OT Purposes - You know this one in your sleep -- employees get time-and-a-half their regular rates as overtime pay. But knowing how to calculate the overtime rate merits more than a casual yawn. If you put too much into the formula...
    Publisher: Payroll Legal Alert     Author: Alexander Hamilton Institute   

  • How Do You Know When To Change Pay? Here Are Some Tips to Consider - Compensation professionals are so busy administering the system that they may not have thought about when they need to change it. Strategic pay experts Zingheim and Schuster tell us what to look for.
    Publisher: HR.com     Author: Pat Zingheim and Jay Schuster   

  • How To Make Effort Rewarding - Rewarding and recognizing employees is a ticklish business. It can motivate people to explore more effective ways to do their jobs - or it can utterly discourage such efforts.
    Publisher: ManagerWise.com     Author: Jim Clemmer   

  • How ‘Valuable’ Are Your Values …? - How do we attract the right people for the right jobs at the right time? But what about the flipside? What are we doing to make sure our existing key people and best performers don’t leave?
    Publisher: The CEO Refresher     Author: Anne Riches   

  • Hurry Up and Eat...DOL Gives The Nod to 15-Minute Lunches - Thirty minutes is the minimum amount of time employees must have to eat, if you want to keep their meal time off the clock. However, 30 minutes isn't etched in stone.
    Publisher: Payroll Legal Alert     Author: Alexander Hamilton Institute   

  • Icing on the Cake - Voluntary benefits allow companies to provide employees a spectrum of benefits at a discounted group rate, with employees carrying the entire cost. And many organizations are finding such benefits to be valuable recruitment and retention tools.
    Publisher: Businessfinancemag.com     Author: Joanne Sammer   

  • Ideas for Employee Retention - Companies that take the employee turnover problem seriously and implement programs to ensure employee satisfaction have the highest retention rates.
    Publisher: ManagerWise.com     Author: Eileen McDargh   

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