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  • Adventure Therapy Program at Decision Point Center: provides a fresh awareness to help navigate the uncharted territory of early recovery/sobriety.

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  • Convention Report: 54th Annual SHRM Conference Tackles Rising Health Care Costs - Health care costs was one of the topics discussed at length at the 54th Annual Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) Convention and Exposition, held in June. The consensus: Health care costs are expected to rise at rates that will prompt both large and small employers to examine how to contain such costs...
    Publisher: AHI's Benefits Alert E-Mail Newsletter     Author: Alexander Hamilton Institute   

  • Cost of Employee Absenteeism Up, Says Watson Wyatt Study - Employee absenteeism is having a greater impact on the bottom line than ever before, according to Watson Wyatt's 2000 Canadian Staying@Work survey, a comprehensive survey of absence and disability management practices.
    Publisher: Benefits World     Author: Benefits World   

  • Do Your Employees Understand Stock Options? - As more and more employees are granted stock options, HR managers need to maximize the benefits of the program to the company and to the employees.
    Publisher: Strategic Finance     Author: Maureen P. Kerrigan   

  • EEOC Rescinds Policy on Retiree Health Benefits - Is it age discrimination if retiree health benefits are reduced or eliminated when retirees become Medicare-eligible? Until recently, the Equal Employment Opportunity...
    Publisher: Payroll Legal Alert     Author: Alexander Hamilton Institute   

  • Exempts Come Out The Big Winners In Final Pay Fracas - Questions regarding final pay continue to percolate, even as the economy picks up and the flow of pink slips begins to slow. One of the hottest perks of the 1990s -- stashing time off in leave banks -- has..
    Publisher: Payroll Legal Alert     Author: Alexander Hamilton Institute   

  • Farming Out Payroll - More and more companies are outsourcing payroll to reduce costs, but shifting the burden to an external source is not the proverbial silver bullet for every organization.
    Publisher: Businessfinancemag.com     Author: Shari Caudron   

  • Fighting Fraud In The Workplace - According to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE), American businesses lose approximately $400 billion annually to employee fraud. Smaller companies seem to be most vulnerable because...
    Publisher: Managers Legal Bulletin     Author: Alexander Hamilton Institute   

  • Final Group Health Regs Clarify Employees’ Rights - No one knows whether Congress will enact a patient's bill of rights this session. The millions of individuals who get their health care through their employers may never need it, however...
    Publisher: Payroll Legal Alert     Author: Alexander Hamilton Institute   

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