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Human Resources : Compensation

  • A Quick Breakdown of Strategic Pay - A rundown of merit increases, variable pay, non-cash rewards and more.
    Publisher: Workforce Online Author: Valerie L. Williams, Stephen E. Grimaldi

  • Compensation Done the 'Right' Way - Find out what components are often found in the successful plans. Also, learn about the "performance shares" approach to pay design.
    Publisher: Workforce Online Author: Valerie L. Williams

  • A Roof Over Their Heads - Offering employees help with mortgages can boost retention.
    Publisher: HR Magazine Author: Kathryn Tyler

  • A tale of two pension systems - Pension provision in the UK and in France differ in terms of funding approaches, coverage levels and member involvement.
    Publisher: Author: Deborah R. Cooper

  • A Touchy Subject - In a merger or acquisition, reconfiguring benefits programs involves an array of financial challenges - not the least of which is heading off the problems that might arise if employees believe valuable benefits will be taken away.
    Publisher: Author: Joanne Sammer

  • Attracting and Retaining Talent - Companies in every industry are waking up to the reality that they must make the management and motivation of their employees their number one strategic priority or risk falling behind the competition.
    Publisher: AchieveMax, Inc. Author: Harry K. Jones

  • Bonuses Aren't Just for the Bosses - Brad Hill is teaching rank-and-file workers in tough jobs how to devise incentive plans. In the process, they're being rewarded with things that money can't buy -- more dignity and a greater sense of purpose.
    Publisher: Fast Company Author: Rekha Balu

  • Calculating Travel Time Pay for Non-exempt Employees - Under federal law, the assistant must be paid for the travel time on Saturday that falls within regular working hours of 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. with a 1/2 hour deduction for normal mealtime.
    Publisher: Author: Ransom & Benjamin Publishers LLC

  • Capturing Turnover Costs - Getting to the bottom of what causes turnover and how much it hurts a company's bottom line helps HR hone the recruiting process and find ways to improve the work environment to hike retention.
    Publisher: HR Magazine Author: Carla Joinson

  • Caught in the Act - Everybody likes to be acknowledged and appreciated for their efforts. Or do they? Most companies have a formal way of acknowledging employees with such things as annual award banquets, top sales awards and certificates. There are a couple major pitfalls to these programs. (PDF File)
    Publisher: IDO Author: Jody Urquhart

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