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Finance and Accounting : Taxation

  • Principles of International Taxation, Part 2 of 2 - Understanding the tax effects of your business decisions before you make these decisions can save you significant sums of money.
    Publisher: World Trade Magazine Online Author: Albert S. Golbert

  • Putting A New Face On Taxation? - As e-commerce skyrockets, the issue of whether to tax online sales - and how - grows urgent. Determining how online sales should be taxed is no easy task; but the answer may affect offline tax as well.
    Publisher: Inter@ctive Week Author: Doug Brown

  • Qualified Small Business Stock: Reaping the Tax Benefits - Particularly in light of the regulations recently promulgated by the Treasury, investors should consider the significant benefits that may become available to them by properly structuring their investments as investments in QSB Stock.
    Publisher: Hale & Dorr LLP Author: Michael J. Nathanson & Kimberly B. Wethly

  • Road Rules for the Streamlined Sales Tax - On December 22, the Streamlined Sales Tax Project (SSTP) voted to adopt rules to simplify collection of state sales tax.
    Publisher: Author: David Hardesty

  • Sales and Use Tax and E-Commerce - One of the most important tax issues for Internet-based sellers is sales and use tax.
    Publisher: Author: David Hardesty

  • Sales Tax Simplification An Update - The day when all online sellers have to collect sales tax is not here, yet. However, many in state government, and many Main Street retailers would at least like to see all large online sellers collect tax.
    Publisher: Author: David Hardesty

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