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Finance and Accounting : Taxation

  • IRS modifies the taxation of policies - In equity split-dollar, any payment made by an employer must be accounted for as a loan to the employee, as an investment in the contract for the employer's own account, or as a payment of compensation.
    Publisher: ††† Author: Michael G. Stevens†††

  • Letís Have a Safe and Sane Tax Cut - Considering the probable size of the cut, the battle to see who gets the biggest piece should be epic. The last big Republican tax cut, 20 years ago, was not a pretty sight.
    Publisher: ††† Author: David Hardesty†††

  • Netting Property Transactions at Year-End - Update to the Worksheet Approach for Capital Gain Rate Differentials.
    Publisher: The CPA Journal ††† Author: John O. Everett, William A. Duncan, Richard Boley, and Nancy B. Nichols†††

  • New tool in the real estate biz - A company wants to sell one of its stores and move to a new location. Whatís the best way to deal with the tax man? Check out this option.
    Publisher: Business Law Today ††† Author: Mary B. Foster†††

  • NTA Issues Report on E-Commerce Tax Policy - The National Tax Association has released a draft report of its project initiated to study e-commerce tax policy.
    Publisher: ††† Author: David Hardesty†††

  • Offshore Avoidance of U.S. Income Taxation - No person should pay more taxes than the law requires. People who use tax shelters and legal loopholes are not unethical.
    Publisher: Internet Attorney ††† Author: Timothy Walton†††

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