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Finance and Accounting : Taxation

  • Electronic Business -- Managing Tax in a Changing World - The electronic business revolution is enabling significant improvements in business performance. How does this affect changing business processes and what are the tax implications?
    Publisher: PricewaterhouseCoopers     Author: David M. Graham and Paul J. Heiselmann   

  • Firms Fail to Link eStrategy to Tax Planning - KPMG, following its recent survey of Fortune 1000 companies in the consumer market, finds that many firms are overlooking the benefits of tax-planning while developing their e-commerce strategies.
    Publisher:     Author: KPMG   

  • From Bricks and Mortar to the Internet - A retailer that decides to abandon its physical store locations, to do business solely on the Internet, may gain tax advantages over its competitors.
    Publisher:     Author: David Hardesty   

  • International Income Tax Update (E-commerce) - While much of the attention on e-commerce taxation is focused on state sales and use tax, a lot of work is being done on the international income taxation of e-commerce. (July, 1999)
    Publisher:     Author: David Hardesty   

  • Internet Tax Freedom Act - The Internet Tax Freedom Act (1) was passed by Congress and goes to the President for signature. While the act exempts Internet access services from state and local sales (and similar) taxes, it offers little else to electronic commerce.
    Publisher:     Author: David Hardesty   

  • Internet Taxation Won’t Go Away - State initiatives and new nexus possibilities might mean a new sales tax look.
    Publisher:     Author: Michael G. Stevens   

  • Internet Taxation: Which Side Are You On? - The emerging online marketplace has generated debate over the taxation of transactions on the Internet. Policymakers and other stakeholders deliberate on whether cyberpurchases should be subject to the same sales taxes levied on brick-and-mortar retailing.
    Publisher: Power HomeBiz Guides     Author: Isabel M. Isidro   

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