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  • How To Select A Collection Attorney - What should you look for when selecting an attorney in a last ditch effort to collect your old accounts?
    Publisher: Attorneys' National Clearing House Company     Author: Jon Birk   

  • Making Sure You Get Paid - If you are not paid or do not get paid promptly for your products or services, you cannot expect your business to last very long. Here is how to minimize losses and overdue accounts.
    Publisher: Power HomeBiz Guides     Author: Isabel Isidro   

  • Managing Credit, Receivables and Collections - "Credit departments exist," says Tom Corbett, a Creditek vice president, "to increase sales while minimizing bad debt." It sounds simple enough, but as those who toil in this profession know far too well, it rarely is.
    Publisher: Institute of Management and Administration     Author: Mary Ludwig   

  • Plugging the Black Hole of Deductions - Although only a small percentage of deduction claims are illegitimate, failing to recover those sums dilutes profits over time. Good recordkeeping and efficient systems can help, but the key to recovering all payments you’re due is minimizing opportunities for deductions to occur.
    Publisher:     Author: David Schmidt   

  • Post-Acquisition Receivables Blues - Caught up in the hype of a merger or acquisition, senior executives often gloss over the challenges inherent in merging A/R portfolios. But problems with receivables can eat into the cash flow — and future revenues — of a newly formed company.
    Publisher:     Author: David Schmidt   

  • Receivables Management in an 'E' World - What new capabilities should companies look for in credit and collection managers? Creativity, technology know-how, problem-solving and relationship-building skills are at the top of the list. And accounting majors are not always the hot ticket these days.
    Publisher:     Author: David Schmidt   

  • Seller Beware - Learn how to avoid collection problems before they come up.
    Publisher:     Author: Janet Attard   

  • The Argument for Financial-Chain Management - Advances in information logistics have driven huge advances in supply-chain management. It's time to apply those advances to the financial chain as well.
    Publisher:     Author: Bernard De Groeve and Kevin Mellyn   

  • The Dot-Domino Effect - Behind every dotcom failure lies a host of unhappy creditors. Here's how the happy few have managed to mitigate the risk.
    Publisher:     Author: Kris Frieswick   

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