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  • The Lease Or Buy Decision - This guide describes various aspects of the lease/buy decision. It lists advantages and disadvantages of leasing and provides a format for comparing costs of the options.
    Publisher: Author:

  • Venture Leasing: The Other Venture Capital - "Venture leasing" is a creative vehicle that allows start-up companies to finance certain infrastructure and equipment needs.
    Publisher: Author: Jay Hollander

  • What Technology Companies Need to Know About Office Leases - In the euphoria of starting or expanding a business, many high-tech companies treat their office space leases as necessary evils instead of what they really are: opportunities for growth or traps for the unwary.
    Publisher: Author: Jay Hollander

  • Why Buy When You Can Lease? - There are many reasons to lease equipment instead of buying it, but do your homework.
    Publisher: Fortune Small Business Author: Sheryl Nance-Nash

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