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  • A Guide to Equipment Leasing - What should a business owner ask to make informed financing decisions?
    Publisher: Author: Michael J. Fleming

  • Act With Care When You Lease Equipment - Some business people look over contracts carefully. They study words, punctuation marks, sentences and paragraphs. They devote major brainpower to the project.
    Publisher: SOHO America Author: Martin Paskind

  • Equipment Lease Checklist - A checklist of the most common issues that arise in a lease agreement is provided below.
    Publisher: Author:

  • Joining the Online Wave - Like other financial products such as municipal bonds and loans, equipment leasing has gone online in a big way. A host of sites promise more choice and easier administration.
    Publisher: Financial Executive Online Edition Author: Jeffrey Marshall

  • Look before you lease - Despite changes in tax laws and economic conditions, equipment leasing remains one of the most popular means of financing business-equipment acquisitions in this country. Pitfalls and opportunities in leasing business equipment.
    Publisher: Business Law Today Author: Barry Marks and James Johnson

  • Tax Advantage of Leasing - Determining the tax implications of anything is usually confusing, and with real estate it is often more so.
    Publisher: CRIC Author: Robert L. Nessen

  • The Art of Subleasing Office Space - It is important to know how valuation and marketing of sublease space can differ significantly from direct lease space.
    Publisher: Author: Jeffrey S. Weil

  • The Basics of Leasing - This lesson describes various aspects of the lease vs. buy decision. It lists advantages and disadvantages of leasing and provides a format for comparing the costs of each options.
    Publisher: Online Womens Business Center Author: Women's Economic Self-Sufficiency Team

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