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  • Paranoia Is Good - As horrific as it was in terms of lives lost, 9-11 also should be a wake-up call for those small and mid-sized companies who do not have good disaster recovery procedures in place.
    Publisher: Strategic Finance Author: Peter Giannacopoulos

  • Prepare for the Worst - What exactly is e-commerce insurance? And more important, are you crazy not to get it?
    Publisher: Author: Daintry Duffy

  • Reality Check - What rates to expect for directors and officers, workers' comp, and property and casualty policies.
    Publisher: Author: Joanne Sammer

  • Riskless Business - Now companies can insure against risks that have never been insurable. But just because you can doesn't necessarily mean you should.
    Publisher: Author: Joanne Sammer

  • Riskless Business? - Most companies insure business assets with the exception of accounts receivable. But there are compelling reasons to insure receivables, too, and several insurers have placed large bets that you will change your mind once you learn the facts.
    Publisher: Author: David Schmidt

  • Say You're Sorry - In some lawsuits, falling on your sword may be smarter than wielding it.
    Publisher: CFO Magazine Author: Kris Frieswick

  • Sept. 11 Disaster Planning Wake-Up Call - The Sept. 11 terrorist attack and its ripple-down effect on every corner of life in the U.S. is sounding an alarm for financial executives to heighten their awareness of risk and risk management.
    Publisher: Financial Executive Online Edition Author: Ellen M. Heffes

  • Take Caution With Captives - A hardening insurance market and the potential to use captive insurance companies to insure employee benefits may be reason enough for companies to give captives a fresh look. But first answer the question "Do we really want to be in the insurance business?"
    Publisher: Author: Joanne Sammer

  • The Insurance Renewal Marathon - Sept. 11 transformed the insurance renewal process from a sprint into a marathon. Underwriters want detailed information and expect face-to-face meetings with senior finance executives.
    Publisher: Author: Richard H. Gamble

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