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  • Defamation Vs. Negligent Referral - Make managers in your organization aware of the risks of giving negligent references.
    Publisher: The Graziadio School of Business & Management Author: Linnea Bernard McCord

  • Deflecting Check Fraud - Despite increased security and new technologies that combat bad checks, companies are getting hammered with losses.
    Publisher: Author: Samuel Greengard

  • Do the Math - Risk management is graduating from the tactical to the strategic, from the craft of shrewd shopping for insurance coverage to the art of balance-sheet makeovers and Information Age decision-making.
    Publisher: Author: Richard H. Gamble

  • Does Your Company Need Hacker Insurance? - Because technological solutions are not always available or foolproof, some companies are now turning to "hacker insurance" to protect against attacks. This article explains the need for this new kind of insurance and offers some simple tips to decide if it's appropriate for your business.
    Publisher: Author: Douglas J. Wood

  • Getting help with ADR - Alternative dispute resolution is here, like it or not. If its written into one of your contracts, where do you go for expert help when the time comes? A guide to who does what.
    Publisher: Business Law Today Author: Barbara Dawson and Michele Stevenson

  • Getting the Right Insurance When You're Going Solo - Insuring your home-based business is hardly something you have time to think about, especially when you're trying to keep more money coming in than going out. But a good policy may save your business from dissolution in the event of a catastrophe.
    Publisher: Author: Jill Andresky Fraser

  • Global Risk Management - Honeywell put all its risk exposures into one basket under a single insurance policy, but so far its pioneering action hasn't kicked off a trend for international companies.
    Publisher: Strategic Finance Author: Neil F. Carlson

  • How to Shop for High-Tech Insurance Coverage - Insurance is important for any business, but high-tech and Internet companies have nontraditional needs to cover claims for such things as intellectual property infringement.
    Publisher: Author: Jay Hollander

  • Insurance Planning for Your Small Business - You are all geared up to start your home business. But do you have insurance for your business? Here are some forms of insurance that you and your small business will require:
    Publisher: Power HomeBiz Guides Author: Isabel Isidro

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