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  • 7 Ways to Ease Claims Pains - As business becomes more complex, so does claims management. Here are some rules of thumb for damage control.
    Publisher: Author: Richard H. Gamble

  • Addressing E-Commerce Exposures - Too few companies have recognized the scope of the dangers posed by e-commerce liability and taken steps to manage them, say insurance companies and brokers.
    Publisher: Financial Executive Online Edition Author: Barbara A. Morris

  • Brave New Business Risks - As we enter the new millennium, financial executives must be alert to changes in business practices and operations that, in turn, are changing the risk profiles of their own companies.
    Publisher: Author: Joanne Sammer

  • Catastrophes Happen: How to Insure Your Home Office Against Casualties - Y our home office bursts at the seams with all the tools common for operating a business -- telephone, computer, furniture, perhaps even product inventory. But odds are you dont own one of the most basic necessities: adequate business insurance.
    Publisher: Self-Employed America Author: Mark Landsbaum

  • Check Fraud- You Could Be At Risk - An article describing how any business or individual is at risk from check fraud, and tips for preventing it.
    Publisher: ASAP Author: Les C. Cseh

  • Combating Risk - Companies such as Microsoft are quantifying the entire risk spectrum and combating the hard insurance market with enterprise risk management.
    Publisher: Author: Joanne Sammer

  • Cover Your Company - If you own or operate a business, or are in the process of starting one, you have many things to consider and much to be responsible for. One of your most important responsibilities is to protect that business, especially in view of the legal climate which currently exists.
    Publisher: The Small Business Journal Author: Kenneth Jillson

  • Crossing the Rubicon - Find out why it's getting harder to convince companies to make high-risk commitments.
    Publisher: Author: Anonymous

  • Cybersmears: the next generation - We've talked before about individuals who defame a company's reputation on the Internet. Now we update the cases with a new generation of defamation lawsuits.
    Publisher: Business Law Today Author: Jeffrey R. Elkin

  • Dealing with a Safety Net - More M&A-insurance products are helping prepare risk-ridden merger candidates before the honeymoon.
    Publisher: Author: Russ Banham

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