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  • Regs and Red Tape - How CFOs can help shape their company's strategic direction in highly regulated industries.
    Publisher:     Author: Fay Hansen   

  • Revolution in Planning - Secrets from the front lines in the struggle to remake the budgeting process.
    Publisher:     Author: Russ Banham   

  • Shared Services Steps Up - Organizations typically overlook shared services when identifying areas that can benefit from activity-based costing/management (ABC/M). Yet shared services may be an ideal candidate for ABC/M pilot programs.
    Publisher:     Author: Tad Leahy   

  • Shrewd (and Ethical) Tactics in Off-Balance-Sheet Financing - Off-balance-sheet financing conjures up images of cooked books and criminal activity. But savvy financial managers are using some sound, legal techniques to make their companies appear more attractive to creditors and reduce taxes.
    Publisher:     Author: Richard H. Gamble   

  • Special Purpose Entities: Throwing the baby out with the bathwater? - Special Purpose Entities (SPEs) have a useful role in business financing when used appropriately. However, there must be transparency, and all parties must understand the risks. This article discusses why SPEs should not be eliminated from your business planning despite their misuse by some companies.
    Publisher: Graziadio Business Report     Author: Peggy J. Crawford, Ph.D. and Edward H. Fredericks, Jr., MBA, CFA   

  • The Bank Cash/Book Cash Disconnect - Although they work in the heyday of systems integration, today’s cash forecasters confront a gap between what their ERP systems know and what their treasury workstations tell them to base predictions on.
    Publisher:     Author: Richard H. Gamble   

  • The IT Asset Money Pit - Many companies grossly mismanage IT assets. Vendor invoicing errors, poorly enforced contracts and failure to track technology resources through their entire life cycle cause a hemorrhaging of dollars that could be put to better use. Here are some ways to stamp out the waste.
    Publisher:     Author: Eric Krell   

  • The Practice Analysis of Management Accounting - Documents the work that management accountants perform, as well as the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary for competent performance.
    Publisher: Institute of Management Accountants     Author: Laura Appelbaum; George A. Barnett; Gary Siegel; James E. Sorensen; Seymour Sudman   

  • Using Asset Allocation Strategies to Recover from a Bear Hug - Using data from 1926 - 2000, the authors compare the results of investing strictly in equities with investing in a 70% stock/30% bond fund, and with strictly bonds. They examine historical returns for model portfolios using these different allocation strategies. They then apply the same allocation to see how long it would have taken to recover from market downturns going back to 1926.
    Publisher: Graziadio Business Report     Author: John K. Paglia and Ivan C. Roten   

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