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  • All the Right Moves - Effectively deploying corporate strategies requires identifying and using the most relevant performance indicators, as well as linking individual performance and compensation to those strategies and measures.
    Publisher:     Author: Tad Leahy   

  • All Together Now - Why you must link budgeting and forecasting to planning and performance.
    Publisher:     Author: Cathy Lazere   

  • Always a Payroll to Meet - In a cash-flow crisis, does getting money in the door mean ethics must go out the window?
    Publisher:     Author: Jeffrey L. Seglin   

  • Are You as Profitable as You Could Be? - This short article discusses three primary methods you can use to analyze your company's profitability.
    Publisher: Entrepreneurial Edge Magazine     Author: Edward Lowe Foundation   

  • Balancing Performance Metrics: Establishing Process and Results Measures - There is a clear and obvious dynamic relationship between results measures and process measures. Neither is sufficient on its own and any good measurement system will seek to find an appropriate balance of both kinds of indicators.
    Publisher:     Author: Mark Henderson   

  • Breaking Out of the Downturn - Pressured by investors to pump up share prices, companies often slash such variable costs as R&D, new technology or advertising — and execute mass layoffs. But tough times create opportunities, and innovation today can produce big rewards when the clouds part.
    Publisher:     Author: Carol Orsag Madigan   

  • Cash Forecast: Cloudy but Clearing - Ask five companies how to forecast cash, and you'll get five different answers. Many companies don't forecast cash at all. But better technology, changes in commerce and tightening credit are spurring more corporations to produce reliable forecasts.
    Publisher:     Author: Richard H. Gamble   

  • Centralizing Financial Operations - Major cost savings and increased control can be achieved by companies that centralize their financial operations, especially those businesses operating in the global economy.
    Publisher: Strategic Finance     Author: Bou Van Kuyk   

  • Crossing the border with a bundle - This is all about moving capital from one jurisdiction to another. The business lawyer has to keep up with changes in the law, in this case, in Canadian law. There are a lot of concerns to keep in mind - taxes, bankruptcy, how to structure the transaction
    Publisher: Business Law Today     Author: Martin Fingerhut   

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