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Finance and Accounting : Budgeting

  • The Top 10 Traps of Budgeting - Companies keep driving into the same traps in the budgeting process. The fallout can be serious in boom times; in the current economic climate, foibles can take an organization so far off course that it never gets back into the game.
    Publisher:     Author: Tad Leahy   

  • Understanding and Controlling Cash Flow - The owner/manager is shown how to plan for the movement of cash through the business and thus plan for future requirements.
    Publisher: U.S. Small Business Administration     Author: Ramin C. Maysami   

  • Understanding Financial Statements - Financial Statements record the performance of your business and allow you to diagnose its strengths and weaknesses by providing a written summary of financial activities.
    Publisher:     Author:   

  • When Activity-Based Management Meets IT - Applying ABM to information technology helps companies maximize IT resources and promotes understanding of how this critical function meets the needs of all departments.
    Publisher:     Author: Tad Leahy   

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