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Finance and Accounting : Budgeting

  • Making Cashflow Forecasts - Explains difference between cash and profit, discusses cash forecasting and describes ways of improving cashflow.
    Publisher: PlanWare     Author: Brian Flanagan   

  • Measurement Traps - Measuring performance can cut both ways. It can play a valuable role in improving organizations - or it can stand in the way of necessary change.
    Publisher:     Author: Jim Clemmer   

  • Mining the Balance Sheet - Asset-based loans are an increasingly attractive alternative to bank financing--and not just for those who can't borrow against cash flow.
    Publisher: CFO Magazine     Author: Hilary Rosenberg   

  • Packing Up Treasury’s Boxes - Not only will new providers host systems for cash managers and treasurers, but they will also perform transactions. Routine, day-to-day operations are now on the block, setting the stage for in-house treasury operations to shrink dramatically.
    Publisher:     Author: Richard H. Gamble   

  • Reinventing the Budget - Traditional budgeting may be heading toward extinction as progressive companies link overall financial planning to hitting operational targets.
    Publisher:     Author: Ivy McLemore   

  • Seven Ways to Build Better Budgets - The "perfect" budgeting process appears to be equal parts strategic planning, automation, effective budgeting tools, teamwork and dedicated resources.
    Publisher:     Author: Joanne Sammer   

  • Should You Trash the Budget? - Going “budgetless” is still a radical idea by U.S. standards, but a growing number of European companies are breaking free of the traditional shackles and becoming more performance driven.
    Publisher:     Author: Tad Leahy   

  • The Art of Cash Management - Tips on understanding and implementing cash management strategies. Includes how to maximize cash flow, assess your current cash position, and evaluate investment account options.
    Publisher:     Author: Jill Andresky Fraser   

  • The Kindest Cuts - When corporate spending is tight, spend money on better ways of working, not on better computers. Here are eight ways to cut wisely.
    Publisher:     Author: Christopher Koch   

  • The New Frontier in Budget - With the proliferation of activity-based costing, can activity-based budgeting be far behind? Very few companies are using this approach, but consultants predict it will soon spread, as financial managers learn about its advantages and new software paves the way.
    Publisher:     Author: Ivy McLemore   

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