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Finance and Accounting : Budgeting

  • Budgeting - Chapter 14 of Bottom Line Basics - Thoughtfully developed, budgets can be essential tools for management in the prioritization and evaluation of tasks and projects.
    Publisher: Robert J. Low     Author: Entrepreneurial Edge   

  • Budgeting as a Competitive Advantage - If your budgeting process isn’t broken, fix it anyway–it’s probably all wrong for what you need now. And, more important, it’s almost guaranteed not to meet your future needs.
    Publisher: Strategic Finance Magazine     Author: Kathryn Jehle, CPA   

  • Activity-Based Costing at DSL Client Services - Implementing an ABC system is an involved process. This marketing consulting company analyzed its current business to decide if ABC could help trim and reorganize costs.
    Publisher: Management Accounting Quarterly     Author: Barbara Gauharou   

  • Adjusting the Liquidity Spigot - New tools that improve balance reporting, funds concentration, cash forecasting, and short-term investing and borrowing are taking liquidity management to the next level.
    Publisher:     Author: Richard H. Gamble   

  • Baby Steps Toward Better Budgets - If a sweeping overhaul of the budget sounds like too much too soon, phasing in small changes can get you where you want to go.
    Publisher:     Author: Tad Leahy   

  • Benchmarking the New Economy - Performance metrics for the old economy have evolved over hundreds of years. So where does that leave CFOs who want to get a grip on the economy this year?
    Publisher:     Author: Justin Wood   

  • Birth of a New Budget Culture - New Web-based applications offer to streamline the budgeting process, but such a change can be painful. In addition to software upgrades, companies must overhaul the corporate culture.
    Publisher:     Author: Tad Leahy   

  • Budgeting Beyond the Spreadsheet - The budgeting process is poorly supported in popular accounting suites, and spreadsheets continue to be overused. Do-it-yourself budget datamarts and best-of-breed modules are alternatives, but a new generation of budgeting applications is on the horizon.
    Publisher:     Author: Stewart McKie   

  • Budgeting in a Small Service Firm - Learn how to set up and keep sound financial records. Study how to effectively use journals and ledgers and charts to increase profits.
    Publisher: U.S. Small Business Administration     Author: Constance Pinney, Charles J. Woelful   

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