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Finance and Accounting : Auditing

  • Separating Winners from Losers - Investing in firms with book values that are higher than their market values isn't always a bad investment proposition.
    Publisher: Capital Ideas ††† Author: Joseph D. Piotroski†††

  • Shadow of Doubt - This exclusive survey report unearths Business Finance readersí concerns about hiring their audit firm to perform various consulting services. Hereís how the SECís new disclosure rules could impact the auditor/client relationship and finance executivesí jobs.
    Publisher: ††† Author: Joanne Sammer†††

  • Small Caps Get Squeezed - Smaller companies may have to scramble to meet more-stringent audit committee rules.
    Publisher: ††† Author: Fritz McCormick†††

  • Tailoring the Balanced Scorecard - Most companies donít embrace the textbook approach to performance measurement by following the Balanced Scorecard to the letter. In the real world, most scorecards are unbalanced, reflecting the key drivers of a companyís success.
    Publisher: ††† Author: Tad Leahy†††

  • The Audit of the Future - Once the Andersen/Enron dust clears, new regulations will reshape the audit, but for proactive CFOs, the audit of the future is now.
    Publisher: ††† Author: Eric Krell†††

  • The Most Valuable ResourceóMeasuring and Managing Intellectual Capital - Valuing companies in the New Economy where customer loyalty, organizational culture, and brand equity count more than the physical plant presents unique challenges to accountants and financial managers. Some firms are beginning to evolve solutions.
    Publisher: Strategic Finance Magazine ††† Author: Noah P. Barsky†††

  • Valuing Intangible Assets Through Appraisals - Whatís reliable for Americaís largest banks is reliable for investors.
    Publisher: Strategic Finance Magazine ††† Author: Alfred M. King, CMA, CFM, and Jay M. Henry†††

  • Watchdogs or Lapdogs? - Audit committees may not be as bad as the SEC thinks--or as good as they should be.
    Publisher: ††† Author: Stephen Barr†††

  • When Seconds Matter - Consolidation of the operations of this worldwide high-tech company cut a four-month consolidation process to one, reduced the annual audit from five months to one and a half, and enabled handling of foreign exchange calculations in 30 seconds instead of days.
    Publisher: Strategic Finance ††† Author: William Russell†††

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