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Finance and Accounting : Auditing

  • Loss-Leader or Client-Feeder? - Not only can the accounting profession balance its books when it comes to auditing, it also must take the blame for perpetuating the myth of auditing as a loss-leader.
    Publisher:     Author: Steve Bergsman   

  • Managing Earnings . . .or Cooking the Books? - Reports on several measures that companies use to try to be sure that their quarterly earnings numbers match what Wall Street is expecting. Also provides references to explicit examples and links to some other articles.
    Publisher: Graziadio Business Report     Author: Steve Ferraro and Chuck McPeak   

  • Merger Accounting Magic May Disappear - Poof! Goodbye to “virtual earnings”? FASB wants to scrap pooling of interests accounting that helped many companies report big increases in the bottom line.
    Publisher: Strategic Finance     Author: Alfred M. King & Neil Kelly   

  • Policing the Auditors - There are rumbles in the industry that more than one Big Five accounting firm will be found in violation of independence regulations.
    Publisher:     Author: Leslie Schultz   

  • Reforming Corporate America: The does the Sarbanes-Oxley Act impact American business? - The author reviews key elements of the new Sarbanes-Oxley law and regulations, particularly as they pertain to auditors and the audit committee of the board. He then goes on to compare the political situation that led to the passage of this law with the situation in 1933 and 1934 and raises the question of whether Congress will need to re-visit this law in another year or two.
    Publisher: Graziado Business Report     Author: Larry Bumgardner, J.D.   

  • Revitalizing DuPont’s Auditors - Harold D. Smith, II, vice president and general auditor, changed the perception of DuPont’s auditors from adversaries to valued business partners.
    Publisher: Strategic Finance     Author: Kathy Williams and James Hart   

  • Robert Kaplan on the Balanced Scorecard - Harvard’s Robert Kaplan earned great fame for his work in measuring financials. Now he has turned his attention to intangibles like HR.
    Publisher:     Author: David Creelman and Bob Delaney   

  • Seizing Control of the Annual Audit - Isn't it time you got something positive and useful out of your external audit? Transforming the process from all pain and no gain to one that saves money and adds value may be easier than you think.
    Publisher:     Author: Frank Downes   

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