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  • Everything Ventured, What Gained? - Two new "insider" chronicles of the new economy -- messy tales of startup mania -- explode some of the more romantic myths about entrepreneurs and venture capitalists. But they don't tarnish the dream.
    Publisher: Fast Company     Author: George Anders   

  • Fallacies and Failures: Ways of Thinking That Doom Start-Ups - Of the many Internet firms that got funded this past year and last, most have failed. In case you haven't read it, here are some of the fallacies in marketing thinking that contribute to this failure rate.
    Publisher: MarketingProfs.com     Author: Allen Weiss   

  • Feet First - From kid entrepreneur to head of a $145 million sporting-goods empire, Michael Rubin has succeeded by staying one step ahead.
    Publisher: Business Start-Ups Online     Author: Michelle Prather   

  • Four Common Mistakes of Business Start-Ups - Many small-business owners find the business end of their operation a chore. They would rather pursue a more exciting task, like developing their business strategies and identifying new markets. Here are the most common blunders that small entrepreneurs make when starting their businesses.
    Publisher: Power HomeBiz Guides     Author: Isabel M. Isidro   

  • From Country Boys to Big Cheese - The two execs behind Cabot Cheese run an agricultural co-op based in Vermont. They're also tough guys who appreciate quality -- and love profit.
    Publisher: Fast Company     Author: Paul C. Judge   

  • Furnishing a start-up on the cheap - If you listen to those who have gone before, you'll want to spend as little as possible furnishing your new digs so you can plow more money into your business.
    Publisher: Localbusiness.com     Author: Staci D. Kramer   

  • Getting Started In Your New Business - You're sick of working for somebody else. You think you can really do a better job than the person you are working for can. And, you have saved up the money you think you'll need to start your very own business. What's next?
    Publisher: Home Business Magazine     Author: Robert Imbriale   

  • Good to Great - Start with 1,435 good companies. Examine their performance over 40 years. Find the 11 companies that became great. Now, here's how you can do it too.
    Publisher: Fast Company     Author: Jim Collins   

  • Growing Pains - Want to learn how to grow? Here's the story of a company on the rise -- and an employee on the edge.
    Publisher: Fast Company     Author: David Dorsey   

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