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  • 7 Methods in Choosing a Business - The process of selecting the right business can go beyond choosing one that fits your personality. Know the other approaches you can use in choosing a business.
    Publisher: Power HomeBiz Guides     Author: George Rodriguez   

  • Alliance Management A Blueprint for Success - Companies seeking to reach more markets and offer customers more choices are building alliances in growing numbers worldwide. Why, then, are alliance rates so low? And, is there a management blueprint to reverse the trend?
    Publisher: Financial Executive Online Edition     Author: Danny Ertel   

  • An introduction to incubation - Questions to ask before you decide to sit your company under the heat lamp of a business incubator.
    Publisher: Localbusiness.com     Author: Evelina Shmukler   

  • Are You Marked for Greatness? - Internet Capital Group has invested hundreds of millions of dollars in companies that are looking to make their mark in e-commerce. John Hamm evaluates and advises the entrepreneurs who run those companies. Here are the character traits that he looks for. Do you have what it takes?
    Publisher: Fast Company     Author: Cheryl Dahle   

  • Are You on the Right Track? - It's exciting to rewrite the rules of business and build high-performance companies in record time. But when do you start to calculate the human toll associated with the pursuit of your personal success?
    Publisher: Fast Company     Author: George Anders   

  • Better product concept screening - Brand extension has become a major focus of many firms involved in the trademark licensing business. Product concept screening can help the licensing firm separate the winners from the losers.
    Publisher: Goldmarks     Author: Kirk Martensen   

  • Bigger And Better - Want to take your invention to the next level? Successful entrepreneurs show you how.
    Publisher: Business Start-Ups Online     Author: Don Debelak   

  • Blasting Your Way to Success - When you have a successful product or service, you can either grow your business at a regular, normal rate, or you can push it to take off like a rocket. Here are the ingredients you need to blast your way to success.
    Publisher: Power HomeBiz Guides     Author: Isabel M. Isidro   

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