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  • Playing the field - The dual-track IPO strategy could be insurance against a market downturn -- or it could backfire.
    Publisher: Red Herring     Author: Luc Hatlestad   

  • Put Up or Shut Up - To comply with Reg FD, corporate officers are starting to post company news on the Web. Hijinks ensue.
    Publisher: CFO.com     Author: Randy Myers   

  • Questions at Stockholders’ Meetings - Many factors have played a role in shifting business operations dramatically over the past decade. Access to real-time, enterprise-wide information, expanded globalization, and changing financial and social priorities are creating new and diversified challenges for management.
    Publisher: Deloitte & Touche     Author: Deloitte & Touche   

  • Reg FD's Leveling Effect - The SEC's new rule on fair disclosure has been widely supported in principle. But working out the mechanics of compliance is creating headaches and uncertainty for many companies.
    Publisher: Financial Executive Online Edition     Author: Gregory J. Millman   

  • SEC Requires Fair Disclosure: Victory for Main Street over Wall Street - Provides a background understanding of why the SEC issued the new rule that requires companies to provide relevant information to everyone at the same time rather than providing guidance to professional investors first. Suggests some consquences of this rule for stock markets.
    Publisher: Graziadio Business Report     Author: Darrol J. Stanley   

  • Share Repurchase: To Buy or Not to Buy - Thinking share repurchase? Don't assume you need only buy back some stock, sit back and wait for your EPS numbers to jump off the charts.
    Publisher: Financial Executive Online Edition     Author: Swaminathan G. Badrinath and Nikhil P. Varaiya, with Rhona L. Ferling   

  • Small Business & The S.E.C. - A Discussion To Help You Understand Capital Formation And The Federal Securities Laws by the S.E.C.
    Publisher: The 'Lectric Law Library     Author: The 'Lectric Law Library   

  • Stakeholders Revolt - In the mad rush to maximize shareholder value, many companies have completely ignored other constituencies. Beware: Those groups are fighting back with a vengeance.
    Publisher: Businessfinancemag.com     Author: Shari Caudron   

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