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  • Enron Meltdown Advances Web as Disclosure Tool - Enron's meltdown has focused the SEC on better financial disclosure, faster. Officials are finally viewing the web -- and the corporate web site -- as the prime news dissemination mechanism. Real time disclosure on the corporate site should have come much earlier,if only more companies and the SEC had considered it when Lefile.com first recommended it.
    Publisher: LeFile.com     Author: William Dupuy   

  • Fair, Foul or Full Disclosure? - Finance executives, professional investors, securities analysts and regulators all have different opinions about the impact of Regulation Fair Disclosure, but one thing is certain: Public companies are moving toward more frequent disclosure.
    Publisher: Businessfinancemag.com     Author: Eric Krell   

  • Going Private - If Wall Street can’t recognize value when it sees it, there’s a buyer out there who probably can. But directors beware!
    Publisher: Corporate Board Member     Author: Julie Connelly   

  • How I Survived My IPO - Is the grass really greener on the other side of the IPO? These three companies are finding out.
    Publisher: CIO.com     Author: Beth Stackpole   

  • How to Have Your Cake and Spend It, Too - Worried that a shareholder lawsuit may leave you broke? Here's a new form of trust that may let you protect your worldly goods—and still get at them. But be careful.
    Publisher: Corporate Board Member     Author: Randy Myers   

  • Independent Experts Emerge as the Board’s Best Friend - The Sarbanes-Oxley Act says that directors must have the authority to hire outside advisers if they think they need them—and that the company must pick up the tab. Your move.
    Publisher: Corporate Board Member     Author: Julie Connelly   

  • Life After Death in the Boardroom - It’s a safe bet that former Enron chairman, CEO, and board member Ken Lay is not on anyone’s shortlist of desirable outside directors. But that could change.
    Publisher: Corporate Board Member     Author: Joshua Green   

  • Michael Dell on How the Board Can Help - You can’t change directors every time you turn on CNN. You want people in place with broad perspectives, who have been through a number of challenges and seen a number of things.
    Publisher: Corporate Board Member     Author: Corporate Board Member   

  • Nasdaq’s Super Sleuth - Bumpy markets encourage insider trading and other no-nos. But watch out. Aided by a team of technocops and their electronic snooping gear, Cameron Funkhouser will get you.
    Publisher: Corporate Board Member     Author: Joshua Green   

  • New Reality: Less for More - Coping with the bear market in directors' and officers' liability insurance.
    Publisher: CFO.com     Author: Kris Frieswick   

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