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  • Getting the Merger Formula Right - Unlike many very large U.S. banks, FleetBoston has developed a highly successful acquisition template. Its CFO, Eugene McQuade, has played a major role in creating its disciplined approach.
    Publisher: Financial Executive Online Edition     Author: Jack Milligan   

  • How a Culture Clash Killed a Merger - The union of Entergy and FPL Group seemed like a marriage made in heaven, but the more the bride and groom learned about each other, the more they fell out of love. And where were the directors in all this?
    Publisher: Corporate Board Member     Author: Ann Reilly Dowd   

  • How the War for Wachovia Was Won - Last year's high-stakes bank takeover battle offers important lessons on how to overcome negative impressions and win approval for a deal even when a rival's bid is valued higher.
    Publisher: Financial Executive Online Edition     Author: Karen Kahler Holliday   

  • How to Be a Wealthy Failure - Studies show many merger and acquisition deals fail to create value, but if you're after a golden parachute, remember: You know best.
    Publisher: Business 2.0     Author: Michael Craig   

  • How to Buy or Sell a Business - Learn several techniques for determining the best price to buy or sell a small business.
    Publisher: U.S. Small Business Administration     Author: John A. Johansen   

  • Internet Company Mergers Made Easier - A new accounting rule, expected to become official in spring 2001, should make it easier for traditional companies to merge with Internet businesses.
    Publisher: Business 2.0     Author: Loren Fox   

  • It’s time to talk turkey - So how, exactly, should you negotiate a letter of intent and a definitive agreement? The author lays out a point-by-point guide, from the sellerís perspective.
    Publisher: Business Law Today     Author: Fredric Tannenbaum and Marilyn Spracker   

  • Making Mergers Work - Certain major categories of decisions and actions need to be addressed in every acquisition, but not in the same way or sequence every time.
    Publisher: Financial Executive Online Edition     Author: Stephen J. Wall   

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