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  • Market Jitters - Volatility "is a unique and necessary condition for the creation of value" in the Internet economy, argues Wall Street analyst and technology strategist Pip Cobourn.
    Publisher: Fast Company     Author: Polly LaBarre   

  • Moby Click - Nervous netrepreneurs rush to harpoon the Great White mezzanine round.
    Publisher: Darwinmag.com     Author: Lew McCreary   

  • No way out - No way out: Frank Quattrone, the world's most successful technology banker, says M & A may be the vacuum cleaner for technology's future capital-raising needs.
    Publisher: Red Herring Magazine     Author: Peter D. Henig   

  • Once Is Not Enough - The investors who are so avid for initial offerings turn their backs on second offerings. So what's a little guy to do?
    Publisher: Forbes Magazine     Author: Daniel Kruger   

  • Out of the Public Eye - An increasing number of companies are turning to a new type of private market for equity.
    Publisher: CFO.com     Author: Ian Sprinsteel   

  • Raising Capital in Today's New Economy - Short primer on raising capital and negotiating/working with venture capital firms.
    Publisher: Intelective Communications, Inc.     Author: Lee Traupel   

  • Restructuring - How To Avoid the Venture Graveyard - Digging into the sorry tales, one finds many of these self-styled ‘fast companies’ hung on to losing ideas for far too long, and made too timid an effort to effect change.
    Publisher: Expert-zine.com     Author: Victoria Duff   

  • She Knows How to Play the Game - The startup revolution is as much about the democratization of capital as it is about the creation of new technologies. So why do women-led companies still receive only 4.6% of all venture funding?
    Publisher: Fast Company     Author: Katharine Mieszkowski   

  • Surviving the Shakeout - Let’s set the scene here: Six months ago you were riding the dot-com gravy train. Now you have become intimate with the term "penny stocks" because you suddenly own so many shares of them.
    Publisher: Business 2.0     Author: Jon Carroll   

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