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  • A Venture Capital Primer for Small Business - Learn what venture capital resources are available and how to develop a proposal for obtaining these funds.
    Publisher: U.S. Small Business Administration     Author: LaRue Tone Hosmer   

  • 5 Questions with John Doerr - The Silicon Valley icon is to the venture capital business what Tiger Woods is to golf: the leading light, the defining player, the one by whom all others are measured.
    Publisher: Business 2.0     Author: James Daly   

  • A Hitchhiker's Guide to Capital Resources - A listing of books and Web sites that can help you find financing. Topics include private investors, bank loans, debt, economic-development programs, factoring, and going public.
    Publisher: Inc. Online     Author: Fraser, Jill Andresky   

  • Angel Investing and Entrepreneurship - Discusses the importance of angel investors to start-up companies.
    Publisher: Thinking Like An Entrepreneur Site     Author: Peter Hupalo   

  • Awaken the Valley Within - Strategy guru Gary Hamel says companies of all kinds can emulate Silicon Valley's wealth-creating ways -- but only if their CFOs start thinking like venture capitalists.
    Publisher: CFO.com     Author: CFO Magazine   

  • BDRs can be A Fast and Private Way to Raise Money. - It is therefore possible to construct a series of domestic and foreign transactions that might not be legal in a single country but that are legal in the country in which each transaction takes place.
    Publisher: The 'Lectric Law Library     Author: The 'Lectric Law Library   

  • Buying into .com - Going Public 1999. Technology finance was sane in 1997, was mad in 1998, and looks like it will be even crazier in 1999.
    Publisher: Red Herring     Author: Editors   

  • Can Synthetic Debt Give Authentic Savings? - Corporate treasurers have been hearing a lot of pitches for esoteric debt instruments like putable/callable reset bonds. While they may seem alluring in the short term, they can leave a bad aftertaste.
    Publisher: Financial Executive Online Edition     Author: Barclay T. Leib   

  • Convertibles Roll Out in Fleets - Companies are issuing convertible bonds as a cheap source of debt and to raise future equity at better prices than the stock market allows. Investors are happily going along for the ride.
    Publisher: Businessfinancemag.com     Author: Richard H. Gamble   

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