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  • Join The Corps - Feel defenseless against Uncle Sam? New regulations could make S corps better protection for your assets.
    Publisher: Entrepreneur.com     Author: Joan Szabo   

  • Laying The Foundation - Of all the choices you make when starting a business, one of the most important is the type of legal structure you select for your company.
    Publisher: Entrepreneur.com     Author: Entrepreneur.com   

  • Limited Liability Companies: How Do They Work? - A few years ago a new legal entity, the limited liability company (LLC) was introduced. LLCs, which are recognized by all states can have many of the most popular attributes of partnerships (pass through tax status) and corporations (limited personal liability for the owners).
    Publisher: The Small Business Journal     Author: from Nolo Press   

  • Limited Liability Company Summary - All of a sudden, businesspersons around the country have gotten very excited by a relatively new way to do business--the limited liability company ("LLC").
    Publisher: The 'Lectric Law Library     Author: David S. Neufeld   

  • LLCs - Are They for You? - An LLC is a form of business entity that offers its members limited liability along with partnership taxation, also known as flow-through taxation.
    Publisher: Online Womens Business Center     Author: Lizabeth McDonald   

  • Multi-State Taxation - Does the Nevada Corporation or LLC have to Register as a Foreign Corporation in Another State?
    Publisher: www.nvinc.com     Author: Scott Letourneau   

  • Organizing Your Business - New business forms offer different levels of liability protection and taxation.
    Publisher: Deloitte & Touche LLP     Author: Deloitte & Touche LLP   

  • Preserve and Strengthen a Business Partnership - Steps that can help business partners assess the underlying tensions in their partnership and successfully resolve them. Includes a real example.
    Publisher: Graziadio Business Report     Author: Charles D. Kerns   

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