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  • Business Plan for Small Service Firms - A business plan can provide the owner-manager or prospective owner-manager of a small service firm with a pathway to profit. This aid is designed to help an owner-manager in drawing up a business plan.
    Publisher: St. Charles City-County Library District     Author: St. Charles City-County Library District   

  • Business Plan: Your Road Map to Success - A business plan is the road map of your entrepreneurial venture. This article shows its key functions, and points you to some useful resources on the Internet to help you prepare your business plan.
    Publisher: Power HomeBiz Guides     Author: Donna Schwartz Mills   

  • Business Plans that Impress Investors - 5 Secrets - Business plans may attract (or repel) investors. Learn the secrets of a business plan that makes investors stand up and take notice.
    Publisher: Power HomeBiz Guides     Author: Scott Polov   

  • Class Acts - Business-plan contests around the country are turning into capitalist beauty pageants. Three stand apart from the competition.
    Publisher: Business 2.0     Author: David Wallace   

  • Common Mistakes in Preparing Business Plans - Whether it is a new business or an expansion of a present business, you will need to write a business plan that is uniquely tailored to your situation. Here is a list of the most common problems with business plan preparations.
    Publisher: Power HomeBiz Guides     Author: Isabel M. Isidro   

  • Free business planning guide - This manual explains the main components needed in a business plan.
    Publisher: Tony Leonard     Author: tahoe-taxhaven.com   

  • Getting It Right - It takes months to develop a concept you can build a successful business around. And when the process is over, you probably won't be where you started out.
    Publisher: Inc. Magazine     Author: Norm Brodsky   

  • How to Develop Your Marketing Plan - Writing your marketing plan can help you identify the most cost-effective strategies you can use to present your business to your target audience.
    Publisher: Power HomeBiz Guides     Author: George Rodriguez   

  • How to Prepare a Business Plan that Guarantees Big Profits - Success in business comes as a result of planning. You must have a detailed, written plan that states your ultimate goal, the purpose behind your goal, and each milestone that must be passed in order to reach your destination.
    Publisher: The Internet Marketing Center     Author: The Internet Marketing Center   

  • How to Supercharge Your Business Plan - Whether you are seeking capital for your company or are optimizing your business strategy, the most important element, particularly for outside investors, may be your written business plan.
    Publisher: Expert-zine.com     Author: Paul Lemberg   

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