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  • 5 Signs Your Business Plan Will Come Up Short with Investors - There are many reasons why a business owner or manager prepares their company’s business plan. However, for most business owners there is only one reason –to get needed capital for their company’s start-up, survival or expansion.
    Publisher: The Small Business Journal     Author: Scott J. Polliv   

  • All Summary, No Substance - The executive summary is one of the most critical elements of a business plan. So why do so many miss the mark? This excerpt from How to Really Create a Successful Business Plan illustrates what your executive summary should NOT do.
    Publisher: Inc. Magazine     Author: David E. Gumpert   

  • Building a business plan - For some people, owning their own business is the dream of a lifetime.
    Publisher: The Detroit News     Author: Amy Rauch-Bank   

  • Business Plan Essentials - If you want to secure financing, you'll need to lay down some winning strategies. What is a business plan? What does a normal business plan include?
    Publisher: ZDTV     Author: Tim Berry   

  • Business Plan Manual - This manual explains the main components needed in a business plan.
    Publisher: RealBusinessPlans.com     Author: Tony Leonard   

  • Build Value in a Small Business: Transform a Job Into an Investment - It is possible to transform a small business from simply being a job to being an investment to be managed. This increases the possibility that one can move from financial dependence to financial independence. The authors explain how that shift in orientation can be made.
    Publisher: Graziadio Business Report     Author: Darrol J. Stanley and James R. Hull   

  • Business Case Essentials: A Guide to structure and content - Download free 30-page whjte paper outlining the structure, content, and building process for a strong financial business case (cost benefit, return on investment, financial justification, total cost of ownership).
    Publisher: Solution Matrix Ltd.     Author: Marty J. Schmidt   

  • Business Development Checklist - This article provides a checklist of marketing communications activities that may be employed when taking a product/service to market. It ranks the various marketing communications disciplines in a pyramid indicating costs (time and dollar) and results.
    Publisher: MarcommWise.com     Author: Peter Grant   

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