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  • Bullets Beat Sentences? Not Always... - Who wrote the rules for writing on the web? Rules that say bullets beat sentences and that tell you to write with half the words you would use in a print story?
    Publisher: ClickZ.com     Author: Susan Solomon   

  • Business Writing: Turn Your Panic Into Profit - How should I start? How can I get all my ideas on one page? These are some of the questions people grapple with when asked to put their thoughts down on paper. This article provides the basic principles of successful business writing to help you overcome your fear of writing.
    Publisher: Power HomeBiz Guides     Author: Marilynne Rudick and Leslie O'Flahavanyler   

  • But is it clear? Avoiding ambiguous contracts - The author suggests how to avoid a fight over the language in a contract. But if that fight happens anyway, how can you win it? It's all about getting past language that might be susceptible to more than one meaning.
    Publisher: Business Law Today     Author: Gregg L. Weiner   

  • Can your Powerpoint Presentation Rival TV Advertising? - Do you ever wonder why some PowerPoint Presentations are so much better than others? Why do some have amazing powers of persuasion, while others simply bore you to death? TV commercials use these marketing strategies to hold and fascinate their viewers. You can too, if you follow these tried and proven techniques.
    Publisher: Psychotactics     Author: Sean D'Souza   

  • Corporate Web Site Lessons Learned, Thanks to Gary Condit - Just when you thought commentators couldn't find another angle on Gary Condit, here comes one. It turns out his is a perfect example for any organization of a situation turned sour. Only, he didn't use the communications tools at his disposal.
    Publisher: LeFile.com     Author: William Dupuy   

  • Crisis Management Communications and the Internet - With 40,000 discussion groups and 8 billion Web pages(a third more than the population of the planet), the Internet has moved from a footnote to a major source of attention for those who plan for and manage crisis situations.
    Publisher: LeFile.Com     Author: Bob Peirce and Joe Dugan, Fleishman-Hillard   

  • Crisis Management on the Corporate Web Site - More companies are discovering that the company web site makes an excellent communications tool in times of corporate crisis. But not enough companies yet realize it may be superior to other communications vehicles.
    Publisher: LeFile.com     Author: William Dupuy   

  • Dare to Replace Your Traditional Annual Meeting With an Online Version? - Inforte Corp. in Chicago decided to replace its traditional, in-person annual meeting with a virtual meeting held only on the Web. In an interview with Inforte's Investor Relations Director, we learn why the company is planning a repeat performance.
    Publisher: LeFile.com     Author: William Dupuy   

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