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  • 12 Tips For More Successful Negotiations - Whether you are working on a joint business venture, a new job, the price of an auto or your child's new curfew, negotiation is a key success skill. So how can you improve your negotiation skills? Here are a dozen techniques I try to practice in every negotiation.
    Publisher: Link-Promote     Author: publisher@link-promote.com   

  • About Writing - Sid Cato reveals the techniques he uses to evaluate writing in the world's annual reports to shareholders in this, his 17th year of monitoring the key corporate communique'.
    Publisher: Cato Communications, Inc.     Author: Sid Cato   

  • Are you assertive or aggressive? - Some people think assertiveness is aggression—a verbal attack (or worse) on another person. Others think they're being assertive, when in fact they're being rude or overbearing.
    Publisher: IvySea.com     Author: Jamie Walters   

  • Building Better Proposals - As a small business owner, you may not have the luxury of having an on-site proposal staff. However, you must still deliver a comparable value to the client. This is not an easy task, but writing an effective proposal is a key aspect to the entire selling process.
    Publisher: The Small Business Journal     Author: Robert F. Kantin   

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