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  • Regional Business Integration in the Western Balkans - After a decade of conflict in the Balkans the countries of the former Yugoslavia are starting to put aside previous differences and forge new economic ties. This will eventually ensure greater political stability in the region.
    Publisher: Civilitas Research     Author: Biljana Radonjic   

  • Russian To The Web - Business and the Russian government are in a pitched battle over taxes. And a nascent Internet economy is caught in the crossfire.
    Publisher: Inter@ctive Week     Author: Max Smetannikov   

  • The Cardoso Agenda - It is bold and ambitious: Brazil's head of state seeks to build a more democratic society, impose fiscal discipline, assert leadership in Latin America and claim a new role for his country in the global economic order. Can he succeed?
    Publisher: Accenture     Author: Outlook Magazine   

  • The euro and eCommerce: Bringing Europe closer to a single market - The interaction of a single currency and eCommerce will forge powerful synergies across the euro zone, enhance European competitiveness and accelerate the emergence of a pan-European capital market.
    Publisher: Accenture     Author: Vernon J. Ellis   

  • The Globalization Backlash - Will macroeconomic conditions that spur globalization continue? Not if protesters get their way and governments erect barriers to free trade. Here’s what you can do to protect your company.
    Publisher:     Author: Fay Hansen   

  • The Lack of British Investment in SE Europe - Britain lags behind other European countries in terms of overall investment in South East Europe; a shame since the countries of the region are keen to develop commercial ties with the UK.
    Publisher: Civilitas Research     Author: James Ker-Lindsay   

  • The Misdiagnosis of Eurosclerosis - Champions of the U.S. economic system say that Europe's generous social protections cause high unemployment. But it's the global economy that's driving up joblessness in Europe-just as it increases income inequality in the United States.
    Publisher: The American Prospect Online     Author: Rebecca M. Blank   

  • The Real China Question - How to admit China and other former communist countries into the world trading club without destroying the international economic system in the process.
    Publisher: The American Prospect Online     Author: Greg Mastel   

  • The Real Y2K Problem: The Global Economy Is Warming - The lone hot spot in a chilly global economy, U.S. markets coasted on a torrent of foreign investment in the 1990s. But now that the rest of the world is starting to catch up, those socko returns may be harder to come by.
    Publisher:     Author: Jim Griffin   

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