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  • Europe hits a brick wall - Politicians say they are desperate to cure Europe’s unemployment. Really?
    Publisher: The Economist     Author: The Economist   

  • European industrial policy as a non-tariff barrier - This article explores the contradictions between the EU and EU national states industrial policies and the Single Market program of elimination of NTBs (non-tariff barriers).
    Publisher: European Integration online Papers     Author: Gilberto Sarfati   

  • Globalisation and its critics - Globalisation is a great force for good. But neither governments nor businesses, Clive Crook argues, can be trusted to make the case.
    Publisher: The Economist     Author: The Economist   

  • Globalism Bites Back - The Asian financial crisis is a practical rebuttal to the naive internationalism that is America's foreign economic policy.
    Publisher: The American Prospect Online     Author: Robert Kuttner   

  • IMF - Kill or Cure? - The IMF's role in developing economies is controversial. This is a critical overview of its operations and programmes.
    Publisher: Lidija Rangelovska Narcissus Publications     Author: Sam Vaknin   

  • International pricing – a market perspective - Differences in local preferences require organizations to adapt pricing policies when appealing to international markets.
    Publisher:     Author: Gary Marsh   

  • Job cutting, Japanese style - The economic downturn in Japan has had important cultural consequences, particularly in the realm of the long-enshrined institution, lifetime employment. Read how a nation of workers is coping with new economic realities.
    Publisher:     Author: Richard Schmidt   

  • Lessons in Transition - Transition is a new phenomenon and it offers new lessons.
    Publisher: Narcissus Publications     Author: Dr. Sam Vaknin   

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