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  • Africa - Is This the Turning Point? - Economic growth; Africa; Structural adjustment
    Publisher: International Monetary Fund     Author: Fischer, Stanley; Hernandez-Cata, Ernesto; Khan, Mohsin S   

  • Africa Awaits - The continent is hoisting an "Open For Business" sign—but there are pitfalls for the unwary.
    Publisher:     Author: Koffi Kouakou   

  • Breaching the Great Wall - China's neomercantalism harms America's economic interests. A mutually beneficial relationship will take more assertive trade policies.
    Publisher: The American Prospect Online     Author: Chalmers Johnson   

  • China Walks A Fine Line On The Way To The Free Market - Since China launched its economic reform program in 1978, its transition from a centrally planned to a market-based economy has fueled one of the world's highest growth rates: an average rise in Gross Domestic Product of 9.3 percent a year.
    Publisher: Capital Ideas     Author: Alwyn M. Young   

  • Darkness Before The Dawn - Strategist Michael Porter tells why Japan's economic sun has set, and how it can rise again.
    Publisher: CFO Magazine     Author: Edward Teach   

  • Do Japan's High Tech Failures Open Doors for Western Firms? - Uses three recent high-profile technological failures in Japan to examine the social and economic infrastructure of the country and the ways in which change is occuring. Suggests implications for non-Japanese companies that would like to do business there.
    Publisher: Graziadio Business Report     Author: Charla Griffy-Brown   

  • Enhancing environmentally sustainable growth in Finland - This document examines Finland’s policy on natural and environmental resource management.Economic evaluation of the measures planned in various fields should accordingly be more systematic.
    Publisher: Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development     Author: Ann Vourc'h and Miguel Jimenez   

  • Euroland, Open for Business - The European Monetary Union once seemed unimaginable. The questions now are What will it lead to? and Will Britain join?
    Publisher: The Atlantic Monthly     Author: Robert A. Levine   

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