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  • Free Trade Isn't Fair - Mike Dolan is leading a long-shot crusade against the New Economy's most widely shared belief: that global economic integration -- of countries, companies, currencies, and markets -- is both virtuous and inevitable.
    Publisher: Fast Company     Author: Mike Dolan   

  • How low can they go? - Central banks have reduced interest rates to their lowest levels for decades. But have they done enough to revive the sickly world economy?
    Publisher: The Economist     Author: The Economist   

  • Inside the Bank of Japan - Defying critics, Governor Hayami says raising interest rates is the way to fix Japan's economy.
    Publisher: Business Week     Author: Brian Bremner   

  • Kids need liquidity, too - To abolish child labour, create more efficient capital markets.
    Publisher: The Economist     Author: The Economist   

  • Lessons Learned from the Power Crisis: Can't we trust a free market? - Uses the California experiement in de-regulating the electricity market (which they argue is not really de-regulated) to illustrate some basic economic principles, including what the term "free market" means and the importance of "process" as well as end-result.
    Publisher: Graziadio Business Report     Author: David M. Smith and Al Hagan   

  • On target? - Inflation targeting is all the rage, but this approach to monetary policy does not provide all the answers.
    Publisher: Economist.com     Author: Economist.com   

  • Recovering From the Hard Soft Landing - The modest, sustainable growth rates of around 3 percent predicted for next year could still be derailed by a number of scenarios. Monitoring economic and industry conditions closely is critical.
    Publisher: Businessfinancemag.com     Author: Fay Hansen   

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