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  • A Defense of AK Growth Models - AK growth models predict that permanent changes in government policies affecting investment rates should lead to permanent changes in a country’s GDP growth.
    Publisher: Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis     Author: Ellen R. McGrattan   

  • Bull Market Keynesianism - What if the reasonable growth, low unemployment, and low inflation of the last few years are in fact the vindication of Keynesian theory about consumption spending?
    Publisher: The American Prospect Online     Author: Dean Baker   

  • Bush's Tax Plan: By the Numbers - How much would President Bush's tax-cut plan actually reduce taxes? He says $1.6 trillion over 10 years. Some congressional opponents claim it would be more than $2 trillion.
    Publisher: Heritage Foundation     Author: William Beach and Mark D. Wilson   

  • Do Nothing, Congress! - It's not an idea that comes easily to this town of movers and shakers, but in the nation's capital, a potentially powerful interest group is coalescing behind the cause of ... doing nothing.
    Publisher: Slate.com     Author: Jodie T. Allen   

  • Electricity Price Gouging in California? - Electricity generators have been charged with unfairly gouging the public for much of the past year in California. What constitutes gouging when the markets are as imperfect as they are in the West currently?
    Publisher: Graziadio Business Report     Author: Dr. Terry Young and Dr. David M. Smith   

  • Foreign Investments - A Dialogue - Foreign Investments are sine qua non on the way to economic revival - A dialogue with the Minister of Finance of Macedonia, Nikola Gruevski
    Publisher: Narcissus Publications     Author: Dr. Sam Vaknin   

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