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  • Setting Your Sites on Domestic Data: Part Two of a Series - Finance executives who monitor the U.S. economy and business conditions have instant access to an abundance of free data on the Web. Finding the best data in the least amount of time is the real challenge, so we’ve narrowed the field.
    Publisher:     Author: Fay Hansen   

  • The Blessings of the Black Economy - The informal economy is a blessing (and not in disguise) to moribund economies in transition.
    Publisher: Narcissus Publications     Author: Dr. Sam Vaknin   

  • The Great Productivity Debate - Recent data suggests that the sharp productivity gains of the late 1990s may have fallen off. If that's true, what does it mean for economic growth, stock valuations and business strategies?
    Publisher: Financial Executive Online Edition     Author: Gregory J. Millman   

  • The Speed Limit: Fact and Fancy in the Growth Debate - It would be nice if the Dodgers returned to Brooklyn and if the economy grew faster than 2.3 percent. But neither of these things is in the offing.
    Publisher: The American Prospect Online     Author: Alan S. Blinder   

  • What Is the New Economics? - Yale economist Robert J. Shiller wrote the defining book on the Internet bubble. Now he's busy rewriting the laws of economics, where emotion and psychology dominate data and numbers. ( And in his spare time, he's busy worrying about his own dotcom. )
    Publisher: Fast Company     Author: John Ellis   

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