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  • Some Observations on the Great Depression - The Great Depression in the United States was largely the result of changes in economic institutions that lowered the normal or steady-state market hours per person over 16.
    Publisher: Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis     Author: Edward C. Prescott   

  • The Age of Social Transformation - A survey of the epoch that began early in this century, and an analysis of its latest manifestations: an economic order in which knowledge, not labor or raw material or capital, is the key resource.
    Publisher: The Atlantic Monthly     Author: Peter F. Drucker   

  • The Revolution Upon Us - All that is solid melts into air -- Karl Marx could have been describing the forces unleashed by the first truly global economy.
    Publisher: The Atlantic Monthly     Author: Lester C. Thurow   

  • The Scale of Production in Technological Revolutions - Many manufacturing industries, including the computer industry, have seen large increases in productivity growth rates and have experienced a reduction in average establishment size and a decrease in the variance of the sizes of plants.
    Publisher: Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis     Author: Matthew F. Mitchell   

  • The wages of war - What does economic history teach about natural disasters and war?
    Publisher: The Economist     Author: The Economist   

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