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  • A refresher on the 1930s - With investors reeling and recession on the march, thoughts turn to the Great Depression. Could it happen again? Maybe, if governments try hard.
    Publisher: The Economist Author: The Economist

  • All the Right Moves - Following the 1990 to 1991 recession, 33 large U.S. companies outperformed the market, according to recent research conducted by Accenture. Understanding the strategies they used in the last downturn can help businesses emerge from today's slowdown in the best possible market position.
    Publisher: Author: Eric Krell

  • Beyond the Information Revolution - The author uses history to gauge the significance of e-commerce -- a totally unexpected development -- and to throw light on the future of "the knowledge worker," his own coinage.
    Publisher: The Atlantic Monthly Author: Peter F. Drucker

  • Financial Uncertainty - John Nofsinger, an expert on mass investment behavior, brings his insights to bear, pointing out that herding and feedback trading typically are responses to such disasters. The good news: Markets eventually return to their prior levels after several months.
    Publisher: Strategic Finance Author: Ramona Dzinkowski

  • Growth Cycles and Market Crashes - Market booms are often followed by dramatic falls. To explain this requires an asymmetry in the underlying shocks. A straightforward model of technological progress generates asymmetries that are also the source of growth cycles.
    Publisher: Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis Author: Michele Boldrin and David K. Levine

  • Is Transition Possible? - Can Capitalism be "learned" or is it a state of mind?
    Publisher: Narcissus Publications Author: Dr. Sam Vaknin

  • It All Started with Adam - Summary of revolutionary book, "The Making of Modern Economics," which traces economic development of ideas through its major and minor players lives and contributions from Adam Smith to present day.
    Publisher: Skousen Publishing, Inc. Author: Mark Skousen

  • On the edge - The risks of a deep global recession are increasing. But it can be avoided so long as policymakers heed some lessons from history.
    Publisher: The Economist Author: The Economist

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